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5 Secrets to Grow Your Small Youtube Channel

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If you’re a small YouTube channel struggling to convert views into subscribers, or if your views aren’t translating into subscribers, this article is for you. Here, we will share five tips that, if implemented, will help you gain more subscribers on YouTube and rapidly grow your small youtube channel in just seven days.

1. Use an Auto-Subscribe Link

The first and most crucial tip is to use an auto-subscribe link on YouTube. If you add a specific code to the end of your YouTube channel URL, it will automatically prompt people to subscribe to your channel when they click on it. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your subscriber count from views.

You can place this link in the description of your videos, in the pinned comment, or in a community post. Each time someone clicks that link, you have a higher chance of gaining a new subscriber.


2. Create Reaction Shorts

The second tip is to create shorts content that involves you reacting to something. This could be news that people are searching for or an authority figure doing something noteworthy.

When creating this reaction content, use a split-screen format with the subject of your reaction at the top and your reaction at the bottom. This format provides interaction and retains viewers, leading to more views.

3. Show Your Hands

The third tip is to ensure your hands are in the frame. Most communication is non-verbal, and your hands play a significant role in this. By showing your hands, you can increase your video’s retention and, consequently, the number of views.

Hands in Frame

4. Loop Your Videos

The fourth tip, especially for shorts content, is to loop your videos. A loop starts the video off, goes through the video, and then repeats the first sentence of the video right before the end, causing the video to repeat. This increases the average view duration and watch time, leading to more views and a higher chance of your videos going viral.

Looping video

5. Increase the Pace of Your Videos

The final tip is to increase the pace of your videos. Get straight into the video, make it exciting, and avoid pauses. A fast-paced video creates a sense of urgency, making viewers more likely to watch it in its entirety.


By implementing these five tips, you can rapidly grow your small YouTube channel. Remember, the key is to actively engage with your audience, create engaging content, and make use of YouTube’s features to your advantage.

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